ScareBear Society

We will use the MetaMask wallet to connect to the OpenSea NFT marketplace. After connecting our Opensea marketplace with our MetaMask wallet. We will go to “My Collections” tab and click on “create a new collection” this will take us to a page that is full of various customization. We will pick a logo and a banner for our collections. We will enter the NFT description, create a custom URL, and many more.After this, we will sort out the royalties, payment methods, and other data. We need to set the royalties, but it can’t go above 10%. That’s the maximum amount one can earn on OpenSea. After this, we will choose ethereum blockchain and ether as our preferred payment methods.
Our NFT collection will reside because the blockchain we choose will determine the kind of tokens that can be accepted as payment for our NFT. After all this, we will click create our NFT this will take us to the collections page where we click on “add an item.”

Welcome To

All around the world, Bears have been living peacefully in the woods. They have kept to themselves and cared for each other.

But their lives changed when a group of people suddenly came and attacked their land. Bears from different forests were captured and placed into a hidden laboratory where inhuman experiments are being conducted by humans. The naïve bears were confused and scared about why they were brought to this dark and dreary place. For years, they were being cut, experimented, observed, and tortured. And due to the excess dosage of drugs and serums that were given to them, the normal bears mutated and became a different kind of bear. When the humans saw this, they gave the Neanderthal version of the bears a new name. Scare Bears. 5,000 Scare Bears were all unique and had different traits, furs, and personalities. They were continued to be treated horribly by the humans. 

There are 5000 NFT’s to be owned at any given time, divided into three main categories based on their premium-ness and uniqueness. We have the Evo bears NFTs, The Angelic Cybernetic Reptiles NFTs, and Scare bear NFT. The NFT’s are designed to represent real bears. Some NFTs even give owners the right to a lifetime payment or income through their NFT’s.

Scare bears would start with an initial batch of NFTs that get minted and sold on various NFT marketplaces. With this, we attempt to Whitelist addresses who participate in the purchasing of the NFTs. Then a second Sale would take place only available to whitelist addresses on a small scale to allow the sale of Utility Tied NFTs exclusively available to the whitelist addresses. A testing period will then take place where the owners of the second NFT batch owners will receive Cryptocurrencies periodically from hash power mining on various blockchains that are tied to various NFTs. The owner of the NFT bought in the exclusive funding round then started earning Crypto regularly. Owners can also sell these NFTs

Your Experience Gets Better And Better Over Time.

Holding one of our NFTs will give you access to exclusive giveaways, and benefits in future collections like airdrops and getting whitelist spots. The prizes will be sent to the winners following the conditions and goals of the roadmap. Please check it carefully before minting.

Phase 1.

5000 Scare Bears Drop, Mysterious 1000 Bear Airdrop 1st QTR.

Phase 2.

1000 Evo Bear Drop, also Merchandise Giveaway, EVO Holders will earn passive income Breeding EVO Bear with Scare Bear 2nd QTR.

Phase 3.

100 Angelic Cybernetic Reptile’s 3D Model Drop 3rd QTR gives Holder access to SBS Token, SBS Token Drop.

Scare Bears NFT holders will have access to other additional utilities.

Decentralized Application (DApp)

It runs on a P2P network of computers rather than a central computer.


Flex your physical asset digitally

Our NFT holders can flex their expensive assets digitally.


It's possible to own more than 1 NFT at a time

A single person can own more than one of our NFTs, hence more portion of the revenue will be allocated to such users every month for the rest of their lives until they decide to sell the NFT.


Own to earn

It runs on a P2P network of computers rather than a central computer.

Smart Contract

Digital agreements that intermediate the exchange of cryptocurrencies (or any other digital asset) between two parties.


Distributed ledger containing information about all the activities that have taken place on a blockchain network is shared by everyone.

By owning a metapandaz you will not only get access to an amazing community, but you will also contribute to building a metaverse community and helping people around the world.

Why spoil the suspense so early in the day? The pre-sale date will be announced soon.

Ethereum Blockchain


Anything. Our tech is extremely smart and creative. Practice makes perfect, so users should attempt the Simulation as many times as they can.


Augmenting creativity and imagination through AI and bursting through the constraints of natural laws through collaboration, and creation in the Metaverse.